IAT/AT5241 Low Noise High PSRR 600mA LDO Regulator

Wide input voltage Range 2.2v to 6v

Less  Than 1MA  shutdown current

SOT25, SOT89, uDFN1 package

IAT/AT6145 Step up DC-DC Converter with 4A swith

AT6145  1.2MHZ  2A step up DC-DC converter

SOT-26 package up t P390 Efficiency.

IAT/AT2596 3A step Down Voltage switching Regulators

PSOP8, TO-220-5L,TO-263-5L Package

Adjustable output Versions, input Voltage Range up to 40V.

IAT/AT5204E 高電壓 (35V) LDO

AT5204E (35V) ,250mA, Low supply current IQ 1.6MA LDO.

IAT/AT7171,AT7171E 1.5A Buck converter

IAT/AT7171,AT7171E is a monolithic synchronous buck

regulator with a built in internal power MOSFET.