Seiko / SC-20A (Automotive) 32.768 KHZ Crystal

SC-20A ,confiming to ” AEC-Q200” , ultra thin type (0.6mm).

Application in car Audo, car  GPS, Ecu sub clock…

ABLIC / S-191LX Series : Automotive, 125℃, 36V Voltage Detector

ABLIC / S-191LX Series ,  Automotive, 125℃, 36V Voltage Detector

36V supply voltage divided output, window voltage detector with sense pin reverse connection protection.


1. overvoltage detection of power supply for Automotive

2. Automotive Battery Voltage Detection

3. For Automotive use.

ABLIC/ S-19519 Series Automotive 125°C operation 36V LDO+VD+WDT

S-19519 Series.  Automotive 125°C operation.


ABLIC/S-82DIA Series, Battery Profection IC

The  S-82DIA Series is a Profection IC for Lithium-ion

/Lithium Poymer rechargeable Batteries. HSNT-8 Package.

ABLIC/S-34TS04L with Temperature Sensor EEPROM

ABLIC/S-34TS04L built-in temperature sensor in ABLIC’s

VPD EEPROMS performance inprovements in SSD.

data centers Servers and other High-end PC.


S-24C02是用於DIMM SPD的低消耙電流,寬工拒電壓範圍的2線串行E²PROM


MS421R(Reflowable) 3V . Weight(g)0.11  . 鈕扣型可充鋰電池

Seiko I/MS621R,MS421R,Reflow鋰電池

MS621R/MS421R. High Capacity small size coin Battery

that can be mounted by Reflow soldering(直接過錫爐)


ABLIC/S-847X Series Wireless Power IC

ABLIC/S-847X Series,ultra-small wireless   Power IC.

Seiko/MP-B20 Series,熱感式 Mobile Printer

compact/Light Weight.Max printing speed:80mm/sec

charging battery by usbcradle option.