MST/MH491 X CMOS Ratio-Metric Linear Hall Effect IC

MH491 X a linear Hall-effect Sensor . is composed of Hall Sensor. Application in current sensing,Motor control Rotary encoder.

MST/AX3 角度傳感器(Angel Sensor)

AX3 Series.  360度 霍爾角度傳感器(Contactless Angel Sensor)

Application in:機器人,無人機,遙控器的角度測景,


AG3:12 bit,3.3VDC

AN3:2.5/3.3/5 VDC

MST/MH452 Series(Dual Hall Output Direction Sensor )

MH452 Dual Hall Output Direction Sensor

Temperture Range:From -40℃~-125℃,DFN2*2 Package.

Application in:windows lifter with Anti-Pinch feature  Automotive,

Rotation speed and Direction detection.

MST/MM8703 Hall Sensor Module(帶線 Hall Sensor模組)

MST/MM8703  ,2Wire switch/Latch,3/Latch
(帶線Hall Sensor模組)